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With this Ring are happy to announce that it is now legal to have a Same Sex Ceremony here on the island of Love.

The ceremony has no legal status however is a special ceremony for you both to show your love and commitment to each other, a celebration of your life together.

There are realms of traditions that surround a straight-sex wedding however for a same sex wedding there are no expectations except of course for two people saying “I do” therefore you can plan this significant day just how you want it!

Would you like to walk down the aisle together, then you can or toss a silk tie instead of a garter, it’s your choice... in fact With this Ring will plan your day exactly how you both chose, there are no rules! Each part of your day will be tailor made to your personal preferences.

Are you ready to plan your big day, it can be as flamboyant or intimate as you want...

What to wear... Two tuxes, two dresses, two something else? As there are no rules so the sky is the limit, you can pick something that is uniquely and unquestionably you.

Can we have a wedding party... yes of course, you don’t have to use the terms ‘bestman’ or ‘bridesmaid’ however you can have your closest friends/family with you to be your witnesses.

Photography, videography and drones... the tradition for straight sex weddings is to concentrate more on the bride however you can both enjoy all the attention.

Cars & Transport... you can chose if you want to arrive separately or together, we have so many options for transport that you can pick the ones that fit in with your day.

Flowers... again you have a choice of the best flowers in Cyprus whether you just want button holes or bouquets.

Hair & Make-Up... Most boys aren’t worried about this however how about treating yourself to a few beauty treatments, everyone loves a pamper. For the girls we can offer wedding hair and make-up, nails and beauty treatments.

We have our own site dedicated to Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies.

Click below to visit us at INFINITE LOVE.

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