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Photography, Videography & Aerial Drone

Our professional photography team have years of experience and like us they enjoy their work and do everything to put you at ease to capture the perfect shots. Your photographer will meet with you prior to the ‘big’ day and you can discuss exactly what you want from them. There are so many options to offer however to give you an idea you can have;

A CD of all the photographs capturing your day to take home so you can prepare your own wedding album/s.

A completed album with the amount of pictures chosen only by you from your proofs, or even other albums as gifts for family or friends that have attended your wedding or even more special for those that could not!
Digital albums which can only be described as a paperless story book with pages of photographs of your special day… this is something you need to see to believe.

Whichever option suits you we can guarantee by the next day you will receive proofs of your photographs delivered to your accommodation.

Prior to arriving it is worth considering whether you want to have a Classic style of photos or whether you wish for the photographer to take more natural shots, would you like some fun ones…. always easy if you have ‘little ones’ in your wedding party and of course would you like to have some sunset photos!!

The photographers can also organise the videographers to capture every moment that you choose from the Bride getting ready all the way through to the speeches and first dance at your reception.

Aerial Drone
If you are looking for the wow factor on how to capture your amazing day then an Aerial Drone is the way! We can organise to have the drone capturing the arrival of your guests at the ceremony and to stay until the ‘first dance’. Or for those of you that are fun at heart why not try ‘Marryoke’…. This is a wedding party music video that involves creatively filming you and your guests miming to the lyrics of your favourite song. The song choice is yours all you need to do is mime to the camera and then with some editing magic with create your very own ‘Marryoke’ a special edition to your photorgraphs, videography and the aerial drone.

You tell us what you want and With This Ring will organise for you.